2 Flies

In an effort to provide better environment for patrons, it is reported that the management of Beijing’s public restrooms will see to it that no more than 2 flies will be seen at any time within the facility.

Alas, what if the 2 are not of the same sex! The number of flies there will multiply by many folds in no time.

To be on the safe side, I would suggest that they change the 2 to 1.



At Franchise Expos in Asia, most franchises offered now are for western products and services. It’s time we looked at Asian possibilities for the world, such as:-

1. Herbal Medicine and Treatment

2. Medical Device related to Practice of Oriental Medicine

3. Asian Food and Beverage

4. Martial Arts

5. Asian Culture

6. Products from rising Asian Technology

7. Asian time-honored Brands

Opportunities galore, waiting to be tapped!

The cheaper, the better ?

Not necessarily !  When it comes to sourcing products in Asia in particular.

In order to get your business amid cut-throat competition, the supplier initially lowers the price deliberately to outdo others oftentimes to the level where reasonable profit margin is very thin,or even non-existent.

The likely outcome of this is that he will subsequently deliver a product made with cheaper and inferior material and/or with scaled-down dimension/size to make up for his “lost” margin.

A seasoned buyer, before commitment, makes sure that he has a clear understanding of the cost involved and related market info,plus a good check on the background of the supplier for reliability and reputation.

At times, he even ups the price asked for to ensure goods are properly made with reasonable profit for the supplier.

Emerging Asia

As the economy in Asia keeps growing, there is increasing demand for quality foreign Health/Wellness Products as well as Stylish and Functional Consumer Goods.

Given the rapid rising of the middle class in the region, the potential is enormous!

I look forward to working with international marketing professionals in areas of mutual interest.

Ck Lam

Hong Kong, gateway to emerging Asia