China Ventures

With a rising middle class, China certainly has the potential of becoming a top global market for consumer goods. However, many foreign businesses only find themselves exiting it soon after arrival.

Some causes:

1.Absence of unbiased Feasibility Study before plunging in

2.Lack of understanding of Local Market and Culture

3.Blanket implementation of Management and Marketing Practices from home without proper adaptation

4.No Mid and Long -term Strategy, just trying to make a fast buck

5.Failure to do as the Chinese do while in China…


2 responses to “China Ventures

  1. I agree with you there 101%, particularly on points 2 and 5 and am convinced that these two points are the main reasons why so many foreign businesses fail in China. They think that they can do in China and operate business and usual or in the same manner as they do in their home countries. Sincere in their efforts but sincerely wrong in their viewpoints. If only they had done their ‘homework’ properly.

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