Ten things Hong Kong does better than anyone else



Home of Bruce Lee, divine DIM SUM, LOFTY BUILDINGS, LOFTIER REAL ESTATE PRICES and —–in spite of all those buildings —–easy access to incredible stretches of great outdoors. 

It has been more than 15years since the British handed Hong Kong over to Chinese rule, but little has changed.  Hong Kong remains a COMPETITIVE & INDEPENDENT CITY, consistently ranked as one of the World’s Best Places to live.

(1) TONAL TALENTS : —– The language has a total of 6 to 9 tones, depending on where you are hearing it, compared to English’s zero tones.  No other Asian language comes close ( there are 4 tones in Mandarin, 5 in Thai and 6 in Vietnamese).  To add to the complexity —and fun— of the language, Cantonese is a dialect with new slang invented everyday and many words aren’t used in written communication.

(2) STAYING ALIVE :—–The city not only has…

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