Face Saving

To save face is an important part of Oriental culture, as harmony is regarded as the key to accomplishing anything and everything socially. Here , I am talking about face-saving not only for an individual but for people he is dealing with as well.

To this end, usually a compromise is reached so everyone is happy. But, if that’s not the case, try to agree to disagree graciously and leave the back-door open and, above all, make sure you do not embarrass the other party especially in public.

This is something you’d better master in daily life, business and otherwise.


Who you know…

Getting things done in China is challenging, to say the least.

Often, it is not  what you know but who you know. In China, this is known as “Guanxi” meaning Personal Connection or PR with Chinese Characteristics.

Like it or not, deals are done thru it every day.