Aussie entrepreneurs find key to Asia is personal, not political

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If your business currently has interests in Asia, or if you are planning to expand into this region, here’s an interesting article from Greg Earl via BRW, looking at the most important factors to consider, and where to obtain advice to help iron out any cultural difficulties.

“Australian businesses trying to break into Asia say finding the right local partner is the biggest challenge they face. But they also want government assistance to pave the way to the region.

A groundbreaking market research study of large and small businesses with Asian interests has identified China as by far the most popular offshore market, followed by Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Malaysia.

The study, to be released on Tuesday, says industry associations, ­followed by Austrade, professional services firms and chambers of ­commerce are the most common sources of information for businesses moving into the region.”

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Lazy Westerners

Passport Footnotes

** Disclaimer **  I will be generalizing “Asians” as the business owners scattered throughout Asia.  Deal with it.

So I recently had the pleasure and privilege of traveling through Thailand and Cambodia.  I take a trip every year or so and I always take the DIY route. I pack a hefty backpack, a passport, a Lonely Planet guide book, some ideas and of course some money.  I roam the countries looking for attractions and things to do.. taking busses and trains to get places, staying in cheap hotels and eating the local food. Thailand was probably my best trip yet.. right up there with China back in 2001.

I learned so much on this trip.. it was an incredible eye opener.. I was already a lover of foreign cultures, especially the Asians, but now even more so. I feel the need to protect them.. to stick up for them.. to…

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Why are there no napkins in Asia?! (and other observations)

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I post this while sitting in a dark hotel room (blackout this morning) on a rainy day in Battar Bazar, Nuwakot, Nepal.  It’s where we’re staying during our build with the Fuller Center this week.  Internet is shoddy to say the least-seeing how we currently don’t have power.  I’m using a hot spot created by a friend from his cell phone with a sim card. We’re currently waiting out the rain before we determine what to do with our day.   So, here’s a post I drafted about a week ago on some observations from the first half of my trip.  More Nepal stories to come…eventually.

Halfway through this journey, it seems appropriate to reflect on and report some observations.

It’s hard to get a feel for local life and culture without seeing the inside of residents’ homes.  I really want to see the kitchen table, the bathroom, and how…

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