Emerging Indonesian Markets

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Interesting article by Guy Nelson about emerging opportunities in Indonesia, and what the growth of the country’s middle class means for investment

As an expatriate in Indonesia you probably chose to live here for a job assignment, or an extended visit or retirement, preceded by one or more preliminary visits to Indonesia. Now you’ve settled into your expat lifestyle, and like others who became expat-entrepreneurs, you see potential for developing a new business in Indonesia. Surmountable start-up details aside, your primary challenge is to choose a business to start.

As a foundation to a new enterprise, Indonesia’s economy is quite stable. Gross domestic product ranges between 5%-6% annually, largely produced internally since 60% of Indonesia’s economy comes from domestic consumption. With GDP of nearly $850 billion last year, Indonesia is the world’s 16th largest economy, following only China, Japan, India and South Korea in Asia. Indonesia has significant exports of raw…

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Confessions of a reluctant entrepreneur

Everyday Asia

While working in Malaysia, another contract for Jakarta came through – yippee!

I’ve mentioned – more than once – that I’m a highly reluctant entrepreneur! However by some brilliant stroke of luck (or two!) am somehow surviving with independent work.

Knowing there is nothing certain in life, I’ve been preoccupied with – don’t laugh – opening 3 companies! Yeah, like the paperwork and hassles for one isn’t enough, hmm?

Sounds fancy but isn’t really. Just have 3 very different types of work on the go…

1. International Independence

The Petronas Towers by day... The Petronas Towers by day…

For projects in Indonesia and Malaysia, am fortunate to work with a great gang of experienced, talented guys on interesting consulting assignments. Our Jakarta “Take 2” project is expected to last until end September.

However this isn’t my only independent international activity. An ex employer is a favourite client and we are planning programs in May and June – bringing me…

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The explosive growth of economic strength, the burgeoning middle class, together with the significant shifts in consumption dynamics, have progressed Asia’s emerging economies to a more dominating role in the global market. Emerging Asia took the world by surprise when it bounced back more quickly and strongly from the global financial crisis, outpacing the rest of the world.

Asian Consumers with their huge potential and increasing influence, are emerging as a strong force in driving consumption. These economies have now become portfolio necessities for many of the largest global consumer enterprises. According to a new report by Ernst and Young, by the year 2030, 40% of spending by the global middle class will take place in Asia.

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Many international brands are trying to tap into these high-growth economies and reach out to the Asian Consumer. To succeed in these economies, brands must do business the local way, rather than simply…

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